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Make an appointment with one of our health professionals from anywhere. The convenient way to connect for your consultation.

Telehealth, also known as virtual health care, is increasingly used for convenient, effective and professional health consultations. Today’s technology means it is no longer necessary to be in the same physical location as your health professional to get high quality care. You can connect with our health care professionals using your phone or computer from your home, office or even while you are on the move.

Video consultations are ideal when you can’t get to a clinic.  They also save you time by avoiding disruption to your day.


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Don’t let anything get in the way of your recovery. Stopping treatment and rehabilitation can lead to poorer outcomes, be confident that with our programmes you will be in the best position to return to work, sport, and your normal activities. Our highly trained clinicians can guide you over video conference to diagnose and recommend treatment for your condition. All our usual ACC contracted services are available.