Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do I need?

  • A smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer with a camera inbuilt or attached.
  • Good, reliable internet connection with reasonable speed.

What will happen once my appointment is booked?

  • We will send an email with more details on how the consultation will take place.
  • Before your appointment you will receive another email from us with a link to where the consultation will take place.
  • We ask that you get online 10 minutes before your appointment and click on a link to join the consultation.
  • If you are using a mobile device for your consultation, you will be prompted to download the app.  Please do this and then click join as a guest.  You will be placed into a waiting room and your clinician will let you in when they are ready to start the consultation.
  • If you are using a computer, make sure your camera and microphone are available and enabled.

What happens if internet is interrupted or my technology fails during the consultation?

If we can call you, we will attempt to continue and complete the consultation via phone.

Can I use Video (Virtual) Consultation for a first appointment?

For a first appointment we would always prefer to meet with you in person, however in the current climate, we will take initial assessments over video in order to conduct a subjective assessment and relevant testing that can reliably be performed over a video link.  Should we determine you need to have an in-person assessment we will let you know, and we can talk through how we can schedule this appropriately.

If you have further questions, please contact us