ACC funded Pain Management Programme

At Southern Rehab we know that pain is complex and very personal. Pain can be distressing, disabling and persistent. It can stop you doing the things you want to do and that give your life meaning.

The good news is that Southern Rehab’s team of expert clinicians have developed a programme funded by ACC to help you learn why your injury related pain is persisting. Southern Rehab leads the way in successful client outcomes in New Zealand in the ACC-funded Pain Management Programme, making Southern Rehab the ideal provider for you. Improving your knowledge about your pain is very powerful, helping you to change how you act and react, think and focus. Our team will work with you to learn more about your existing strengths and skills and actively involve you in the development of a personalised rehab programme, helping you to get back to living your best possible life.

Southern Rehab Pain Management Programme referral form

If you would like to self-refer into the Southern Rehab Pain Management Programme, please download the PDF form, fill it out and email it to

If you are a doctor or primary healthcare provider referring a client, please fill out the online referral form. At this time, you will need to supply a completed ACC6273 – Provider referral for pain management form to be attached to the email you will receive.

pdfOrebro form
pdfACC Form