Southern Rehab Joints in Motion Programme (JIM)

Arthritis affects 1 in 6 New Zealanders over 15 years old and is the greatest cause of disability in this country according to Arthritis New Zealand. The most common form is osteoarthritis, which can occur at any age, but symptoms usually begin after the age of 40. It can be painful, causing sore and stiff joints. In severe cases, this can even result in everyday tasks, such as dressing, becoming difficult. Osteoarthritis can affect any joint in the body but most commonly occurs in the hands, hips, knees, feet and spine.

For sufferers of this condition there is good news. Our expert team at Southern Rehab have developed the Joints in Motion Programme to support people with osteoarthritis and those recovering from joint operations.

Our programme can provide you with the tools to manage your pain, stay active, remain independent and improve your strength, fitness and health. It offers comprehensive rehabilitation and education, no matter your level of pain or discomfort, to get you back to doing the activities you love. Best of all, you don’t have to be on any waiting list to qualify.


More information about JIM

This programme is currently being run by our clinical teams in Dunedin and Nelson. For more information about Joints in Motion, or to enrol, please fill in the form below, call us in Dunedin on 0800 800 288 (menu option 2) or Nelson on 0800 800 288 (menu option 4).  Alternatively, you can email us in Dunedin at or in Nelson at